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What we do

Innervate works to enhance personal and professional performance in individuals,
teams and organisations.

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How we do it

Innervate researches, designs and delivers seminars, presentations, coaching, resources and on-line courses.

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It works

The best way to know if what we do works is to listen to people who have applied our ideas, individually and within their organisations.

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What we do


INNERVATE is an international group of coaches and facilitators working across the business, education, health, state and community sectors. We provide practical ideas and tools to help individuals, leaders, organisations and communities to;

  • clarify what they want in all areas of their lives,
  • take ownership and accountability for their performance and future,
  • understand and bring about lasting change where needed,
  • build positive professional and personal relationships,
  • create, support and lead high-performance teams,
  • work, play and live life to the full.

INNERVATE collates research on individual effectiveness, positive-impact leadership and team-performance and combines this with a vast pool of experience through our network of associates and amazing clients. This enables us to deliver practical ideas and tools in ways that people can apply across any context.

We have an uncomplicated and direct approach to delivery that avoids unnecessary jargon and focuses on actions that can make a real difference to people of all ages and backgrounds across all elements of work, play and life.

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”A great combination of easy to understand theory and practical tools that I can use across all areas of my life both professionally and personally”.
Team Leader, Air NZ, Auckland

How we do it

INNERVATE researches, designs and delivers,

  • seminars and presentations tailored for your organisation,
  • solution-focussed coaching for individuals and teams,
  • website assimilation resources and online courses,
  • online questionnaires and surveys,
  • teaching and training resources


AskYourTeam cloud-based organisational assessment system

  • Innervate works in partnership with AskYourTeam to assist organisations involve their people in discovering ways to improve results.
  • Please follow this link for more information: ASKYOURTEAM
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It works

The best way to find out if what we do works is to listen to people who have applied our ideas.

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“Excellent. It is really powerful the way that seminar has identified behaviours and tools to make change something we can all do and take responsibility for”.
Partner, Architects, Auckland

‘Really liked the focus on ‘yourself’ being part of the organisation and taking responsibility for your own contribution to the culture and outcomes. Don’t moan – fix it!”
Software Manager, Electrical Engineers, Wellington
We have received extremely positive feedback about the seminar. Most importantly, we are seeing significant changes already, including from people who really needed to shift their thinking’.
Chief Operating Officer, Brokers, Auckland


‘‘Extremely valuable seminar. Not just focussed on personal and organisational development but also on how to engage people in real change from the ground up”.
Community Development Manager, Palmerston North Council
‘The most useful course I have attended in 19 years of service. It has increased my understanding of myself and others and given me tools to use in both my professional and personal roles’.
Senior Sergeant , NZ Police, Wellington
I found it helpful to find out how, as a parent, knowing study processes is something we can assist our son with. Useful, interesting and entertaining – well done!
Participant at a Parent Evening Seminar


‘An outstanding seminar. We have had extremely positive comments from the 86 staff involved and are really looking forward to sharing the ideas with students and wider community’.
Principal, Auckland
This has really helped me get motivated to study and feel confident to learn and take in information and understanding a lot quicker. I now have goals to set and use the learning techniques talked about today in my study program.
Year 11 Student, Australia
I  thoroughly recommend Innervate to any teachers looking to up-skill their students in how they may improve their study skills and prepare for exams.
Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland


‘We had great feedback from all those who attended and will definitely be delivering this across the team’.
General Manager, Hospital, Hawke’s Bay
‘All team members found the seminar useful and informative and enjoyed the relaxed and open approach. Very different from anything we have provided in the past and definitely worth the investment’.
Practice Manager, Health Centre, Christchurch

‘A fantastic workshop on stress that I would highly recommend. I found the ideas extremely helpful for workplace stress and also my general mental health – and lots of ideas to use with clients!’
Clinical Psychologist, Hawkes Bay DHB