Popular Workshops and Seminars

Below is a sample of our most popular workshops. We also have a range of short presentations and seminars suitable for conference events, internal staff development, etc. Many of these can be delivered remotely.

Unless stated, all our workshops & seminars are designed for use across the business, education, health and community sectors. All our workshops and seminars can be tailored to fit your priorities and operational needs.

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A small selection of our workshops



Performance with Wellbeing

A powerful personal development workshop designed to help individuals enhance effectiveness and wellbeing as a route to making things happen and achieving goals.

Performance Under Pressure

A focussed workshop exploring ideas and tools to help people reduce stress and improve resilience and wellbeing. 

Team Works

An engaging workshop for whole teams that clarifies traits of high-performing teams while challenging and enabling individuals to take ownership of team culture.

Self-care in Healthcare

Designed specifically to support people across all areas of the Health Sector, this workshop explores strategies to improve personal resilience and wellbeing.

Leading People

An engaging and practical workshop to help leaders at all levels engage with the people they lead to improve the performance, team culture and outcomes

Leading Organisations

A powerful workshop for senior/executive leadership teams focussed on effective executive team culture and performance





Self-care in Healthcare Programme

A range of short 60-minute presentations for health professionals within Innervate’s wider Self-care in Healthcare programme. These targets specific areas of concern, such as: burnout prevention, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and change anxiety.

Passing Exams

A 60 or 90-minute presentation for senior secondary school students to help them optimize their exam preparation time to improve results

Learning to Learn

A 60 or 90-minute presentation for junior secondary school students that presents 5 key principles to learning and study skills.

Making it Happen

A 90-minute personal leadership presentation for final-year high-school students.

Stress Less

A 60 – 90 minute presentation for all secondary school students that offers key strategies to help reduce stress.

Time Tools

A 60-minute presentation for all secondary students wanting to learn how to prioritise their time more efficiently.