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Popular seminars & presentations

Here are a few of our most popular seminars, workshops and presentations. We can tailor these to your requirements with different delivery styles, flexible session times, module delivery, organisation branding/naming and even training and support for internal facilitation with large organisations.

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements please contact us.


All our seminars can be delivered flexibly as single or multiple sessions. For example, one-day, 2 X half-day or multiple short sessions

SPRINGBOARD – An engaging and interactive personal effectiveness
workshop that explores a range of practical ideas and tools for enhancing individual effectiveness, leadership impact and team culture, while maintaining high levels of well-being. Used by a wide range of organisations across all
sectors to help raise individual, leadership and team performance.
A GREAT team day when combined with our powerful team activities!

WELL-BEING AND STRESS REDUCTION – Designed specifically for people working in high pressure roles and areas, this seminar provides practical
ideas and tools to support well-being and stress reduction in the workplace.
It explores key definitions and causes and provides practical tools for
reducing vulnerability and minimising impact.
Can be tailored for specific sectors e.g. “Self-care in Healthcare”.

THINKING FUTURE – a practical leadership and/or team-based workshop
that uses our powerful approach to vision, values and strategy to make these
critical elements relevant and alive within your organisation.
Can be combined with Springboard or tailored strategic planning workshop.

Seminars for young people

IXL – An engaging and dynamic one-day workshop for young people aged 15
to 19 that helps participants build self-belief and take more accountability for now and more control over their future.

Community/school fund raising

We offer a wide range of free 90-min presentations to community organisations, such as schools, that they can use as a fund raising opportunity.
(contact us for more details)

Presentations (60mins to 2 hours)

GET IT DONE – an entertaining presentation that explores some of the key characteristics and behaviours of people who REALLY make things happen.
Very powerful presentation for everything from small staff team sessions to
large conferences.
Used regularly by all organisations and also makes a great conference session

TEAM-UP – This presentation works well on it’s own but is also a GREAT follow-up to our individual effectiveness seminars, helping participants apply the personal ideas and tools to their teams to improve culture and performance.

PASSING EXAMS – a great set of ideas and tools to improve professional and trade exam preparation and performance, written and designed by the author of ‘Passing Exams for Dummies’

THINK SPORT – an engaging short workshop for sports teams and groups of individuals who want to increase their understanding and application of practical ideas from high-performance psychology. Can be tailored for all ages.

Presentations for young people

MAKING IT HAPPEN – very popular and powerful presentation aimed at enhancing self-belief, goal setting and internal leadership in young people from 14 to 19 years. (An updated version of the popular “Psychology of Success” presentation).

LEARNING TO LEARN – Practical strategies to improve learning using five key principles for how the brain learns. Adapted for students of all ages, from intermediate school to university.

STRESS LESS – An interactive and fun seminar for young people aged 11 – 17 offering an insight into the psychology of stress and key strategies to reduce it.  

PASSING EXAMS – a great set of ideas and tools to improve school/college exam preparation and performance, written and designed by the author of ‘Passing Exams for Dummies’